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Learn intuitive business skills you can integrate into conventional strategy. Cutting-edge tools that will align your business model to sustainability and success for yourself and everyone involved. Stop repeating the past and start evolving.

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Soulstoryline at a Glance

Do you notice how a successful business strategy is not only determined by its rational side? Can you see how aspects of yourself or your business that you ignore – like emotional empowerment or energy management – weaken the ability to breakthrough? 
If so, Soulstoryline strategies are exactly what you are looking for.

The BI, AI, analytic technologies and other future projections of various data have come incredibly far. Have you noticed how much the range of these advancements are determined by conscious or subconscious limiting beliefs of managers and employees? By emotional and physical burnout levels? And by the good old fear of losing control? Do you agree that we need less control and more flow?

Soulstoryline focuses on teaching cutting-edge intuitive business skills, removing deeply rooted subconscious limitations, creating a larger perspective, facilitating a space in which you can easily overcome suffocating constructs of the mind. With Soulstoryline’s holistic approach you will start forming hybrid strategies that combine business advancements of your choice with your innate soulful capacity to grow.

Abundance. Space. Direction.

From stress to sucess.

Do you have all the puzzle pieces you need?

Have you ever tried solving a 1000-piece puzzle finding out you only had 900 pieces all along? This is how it feels when doing everything conventional business suggests and not being able to put the finger on what is going wrong.
Business success is like a puzzle. When you’re missing out on pieces it is impossible to solve it. You no doubt already have a ton of pieces at hand. And they are all great and necessary. But can you see the missing ones?

Road blocks often have their roots in the non-material world. Becoming aware of the fact that there is more than just the physical and mental world lets us notice other levels of our existence. Emotional, energetic and spiritual levels. Acknowledging them is the beginning of stress release. And then there will be nothing more fulfilling than finally holding those missing puzzle pieces, seeing the larger picture of what is really going on, and putting them all together.

Broken deals, lack of clients, never-ending work loads and stressful deadlines coming your way are simply encouragements suggesting you take your mindset to the next level.

Have you had enough of all the stress and do you finally want to go beyond the known to grab those missing puzzle pieces? Start balancing your business success by creating a larger awareness for who you truly are. By looking at how business and life could be when embodying all aspects, all levels of your being. By aligning mind, body and emotions in a way that works for your business and for yourself.

Empowering. Joyful. Visions.

Creating a soulful business.

Do you agree that you are not a robot working for your business?

As human beings we all have a soul story, a purposeful intelligence that is an integral part of any success for ourselves and our businesses. Merging and aligning your personal soul story with your companies mission is one of the fastest ways to move beyond your current struggles.

Kind of forgotten but exceptionally fruitful is the information provided by tapping into our innate intelligence and into the business higher intelligence. Not only do these intuitive skills allow you to recognise and clear unconscious limiting beliefs but they also provide incredible insights, guidance and top priority next steps for staying on track.

So, getting your soul on board is key when it comes to sustainability and success. Align with your own soul story, breakthrough, and create a soulful business.

Clarity. Intuition. Flow.

Get your soul on board.

Soulstoryline Products

Soulstoryline products are tailor-made sessions, workshops and courses that create an initial space in which growth and success can happen.

In this section you will find anything from 1-on-1 personal or business coaching sessions to advanced training courses, interdisciplinary workshops in collaboration with other experts and intuitive business consulting. But first, get your best business partner on board – experience what your soul can deliver. Book a free discovery call and get to know Soulstoryline and Manica.

Free Discovery Call

15-Minute Intuitive Coaching

Get to know Manica and Soulstoryline in a free 15-minute discovery call. Ask any question you have and experience the power of intuition in business at first hand. Find out which of the Soulstoryline products is the right one for you!

Personal 1-on-1

Personal Intuitive Coaching

The current mindset of society so often focuses on rationality more than intuition. It leaves us feeling emotionally and spiritually starved and can make us feel lost and insufficiently equipped for the challenges in business and life.

That is why Manica guides you in this Personal Intuition Coaching session towards remembering your full potential, all the parts of it you might have forgotten. Learn to bypass the ego mind and to move into your soulful you, unleashing the full power you need to breakthrough the glass ceiling your up against.

Experience what you are truly capable of and become the unstoppable leader your business needs you to be!

For more information contact Manica at

Business 1-on-1

Intuitive Business Coaching

An Intuitive Business Coaching session with Manica is for enterpeneurs, managers and owners. Guiding you into co-creating your behavioral business strategy that empowers you for sustainable business growth and peak performance.

Revealing your unique authenticity will lead you into optimum engagement with others. Through emotional empowerment you will become resistant to triggers from your working environment and more creative in dealing with stressful situations and deadlines that come your way each day.

Nonetheless, let us not forget the intelligence of the business itself. You are not your business. You created it, you take care of it and you know it. The business can be your best or your worst business partner. Book this session if you want to make sure that your business and you are on the same page.

For more information contact Manica at

Calm. Focused. Inspired.

About Manica.

Your Business Intuitive

Manica Celofiga is an intuitive business coach with a degree in economic sciences in the areas of finances and management. Trained by Intuition Wisdom Institute she combines the best of both worlds.

Merging conventional strategies with meta-physical information has become her super skill with which she empowers businesses, their owners and managers to become more authentic and sustainable. Focusing on the soulful aspects of the business world is where her passion lies. Revealing and integrating the soul story of businesses and their owners is her purpose.

Happy. Successful. Clients.

Soulful clients.

“While working with Manica, you go deep. You dive deep into the core of your being and uproot any limiting beliefs you might still have. Manica offers an excellent support system and provides you with all the necessary tools you might need along the way while discovering your purpose. I love how she guides you to your true self where all the answers you seek are hidden. The process is empowering and it helped me greatly to find solutions to the personal and business hiccups I encountered. I am amazed by how much I have grown and also, how my external reality started shifting. I have been catapulted to a whole new timeline, where I am more grounded in my true self, able to hear and listen to my intuition and follow my path with confidence and trust.”

Ema Potocnik

Chamber of Commerce Wiena

Soulful clients.

“I highly recommend her, this woman is incredible in what she does. I had three sessions so far and each has been impressivley breakthrough-ish for me.”

Sabina Kolar

National Institute of Chemistry Ljubljana

“I’ve just had the most amazing session with Manica! She intuitively sees what needs to change and then she actually creates a shift in your Business! With her values in the right place, you notice that she truly wants what is best for you and has a unique way of bringing it to you. I highly recommend connecting with Manica if you have questions about your business… She’s an exceptional woman with an amazing insight… Every word is worth MILLIONS and will make a difference in your life that you never could have expected.”

Emma Wachs

Intuition Wisdom Institute,, Australia

“Grounded in real business strategy, effective and liberating. Manica takes you through the proces of transmutation, establishes a space of calmness, inner strength that takes you to your roots where your energy comes from and at the same time also where the solution for huge energy flow lies. You release stagnated emotions, limiting beliefs and you step toward your goals with pure and clear thoughts. I also liked, that she has a very clear structure in her coaching and the red line is you, on the road from your roots to empowerment. I loved how smoothly she executes the follow up, how she encourages you for self-observation and passionate actualization through what you immensely enjoy, your business. Manica, thank you for a completely different and inovative approach, thank you for your energy and sharing of knowledge. I can’t wait to start with our Soulstoryline program.”

Ana Svetlin

Asmagus Manual Therapy, Slovenija

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